Our Story

It All Started With A Fashion Challenge

What do you do when you can’t find the right watch to accompany your look? You get frustrated, disappointed, or design it yourself!

At least, that’s what our founder, a university student from Melbourne at the time, was inspired to do. After not being able to find a stylish watch at a reasonable price for an upcoming formal event, the QANTYM founder started thinking about creating a watch brand with affordable yet elevated timepieces.

It was not long until he turned his idea into a reality, bringing QANTYM to life with a mission to adorn people’s wrists without breaking the bank.

More Than Just A Watch, A Lifestyle Companion

At QANTYM, we aim to create more than just a simple accessory. We are committed to designing stylish pieces that bind together and can elevate your entire look. From classic options with effortless elegance to modern alternatives with a minimalistic touch, the Q watches are made to give an appealing impression to your daily and formal attire.

Making Opulence Accessible

Are you tired of looking for premium watches only to find timepieces that cost more than a month’s salary? So do we. That is why we do everything possible to provide exceptional-quality watches at down-to-earth prices for everyone wishing to invest in a good piece of jewelry without crying over their bank account later.

Curious & Passionate Watchmakers

Driven by our love for watchmaking, we pour our heart and soul into every step of the creation process, paying great attention to the tiniest detail. Our ultimate goal is to turn QANTYM into your go-to destination for quality and affordable timepieces, encouraging you to join the Q community and share your watch passion with us.